Our strong advantage

1.We invest a lot of manpower, material resources and money in medical teaching model in order to research and produce.

2.All our developers have more than 15 years of working experience on human anatomy structure research. They try their best to make the design of the medical body model and the development accurate and perfect.

3.We choose our front line workers from those who are continuous trained and perform best. Also ,our model is manufactured and assembled rigorously according to the high standard of technology.

4. we choose the imported PVC as the material of our product, and use the imported environmental protection oil paint. The accuracy of our product is the top in the industry.

5.Our products are natural modelling, completed by manual assembly, with all of the human skeleton. The bones are made by new, durable, not easily broken plastic. As to the other company that uses recycled material  to reduce costs and uses a lower price to cheat customers, we think that is a irresponsible behavior .

6.We are developing and producing medical model with high accuracy and excellent quality, so that our customers can use them to learn and practice. Only learn more about medical knowledges, can our customers become more and more better in the medical industry.