CE certification

GUANGZHOU GASEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. established  in Guangzhou China, Our team is a professional research and development of medical products, has received SGS and CE certification. Mainly deals Production and RD of human anatomical charts, models,skeletons and replica for human anatomy, physiology and genetics use.

The introduction about access to certified products is as follows:

The products range widely from anatomical bones, plates and illustrations of body structure, reproductive organs, digestive systems, pediatric system, dental, brain and nervi cerebral, muscular tissue, breathing system, osteopath, ENT, and animal anatomical charts and models,anatomy models ,human anatomy model ,skeleton for sale, human anatomy models,skeletons for sale,human skeleton model,human body model, anatomy model, skeletal system model,skeleton model,medical anatomy models,medical skeleton,human skeleton for sale ,skeletal model,human skeleton,human lumbar,spine,department of orthopedics,human skull,skull,knee joint,bones of upper limb,human bone model,anatomical model,the brain model,human thoracic vertebrae,the brain model,human anatomy,human body model,medical model,human medical model,skeleton model,anatomical model,organ model,the human anatomy,the reproductive system,cardiac anatomy,digestive system,ear, nose,throat,muscle anatomy,the nervous system,the respiratory system,lungs,skin anatomy,eye anatomy,the human body endocrine,oral,animal model,professional biological section,biological specimen,emergency nursing,the human body joint,the body,embryonic development,renal anatomy,the auditory system,nasal cavity system,stomach anatomy,anatomy of the liver,brain anatomy,oral,oral cavity of children,tooth, Medical Teaching Model,animal model,rabbit skeleton model, rabbit skull models, anatomical models dogs, cats anatomical models,  frog anatomical models, geographic model, volcano model, wind erosion model, the Grand Canyon model, glacier model, plate tectonics, and surface morphology model, volcano model, faults model , plate tectonics, and surface morphology model, fold structure and morphological evolution model, plant model,leaves model , wheat flower model, cereal seed models, legumes seed models, animal cell model, Chinese small DNA model, model plant cell, animal cell model.

Our team in the plant has been working in this field for 20 years longer,we will continue to develop new pr-oducts,any form cooperation  medical fields will be sincerely welcome.